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About Our farm

Gentle Annie - Est. 1990

Gentle Annie was established in 1990 as a ‘pick your own’ berry and orchard farm and is situated in the Pennyroyal Valley, Victoria. Our family moved here with the aim to grow the freshest, healthiest food for our family and the community.

Our goal is to increase the diversity of what is grown and produced on the farm by improving our soil health, seed selection and  the nutritional density of our food. Resilience is gained through diversity and moving away from monocultural growing systems.

Most people will ask “Is it Certified Organic?” Here is a list of allowed inputs on Certified Organic farms.

We only have 1 allowed input on our farm and that is bioactive thermal compost. By implementing the practices of  Solid Food Web we aim to address our health, social, landcare and climate obligations as primary producers. 

Everything we do here comes with LOVE. How we nurture the land and each other. We even hand weed right along our pest managers- Our chickens and our Indian Runner Ducks!

Gentle Annie Is The Ultimate Summer Destination In The Otways!

Summer is the ultimate time to visit Gentle Annie! We are open every day in January from 12-5pm during school holidays for the ultimate berry and orchard picking experience! And we’ve got you covered! We have shade tents, picnic rugs and even umbrellas so you can relax in comfort and spend the afternoon with us. We have some pretty basic values here at Gentle Annie! Food.Music.Friends.Family and a little LOVE!

Food is something to be shared! Come and sample our regions best produce all wrapped up in our luxury picnic baskets

Music connects people! Sit back and relax while we entertain you with some carefully selected summer tunes and live music. Follow our Facebook or Instagram for updates.

We have created the ultimate space for you to bring your friends and family, sprawl out on the grass and enjoy picking the freshest produce available (while sipping on your favourite drink)!

Love? Well, everything we do here at Gentle Annie comes from the heart. From how we interact with our visitors, our community and most of all our interaction with nature.